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Jenga with a twist

Equipment needed Jenga is played with wooden blocks which commonly include 54 blocks. Aim of activity Jenga is a game of strategy and…

Activities Categories

Fine motor skillsSocial interactionEarly - moderate DementiaGroupOne-to-oneEarly ParkinsonsSevere DementiaEngaging

Ball squeeze

Stress ball exercises for elderly Skills: Fine motor, grip strength Materials: Foam ball / stress ball Instructions: Squeeze the ball and…

Activities Categories

Fine motor skillsGrip strength

Balloon badminton

Equipment needed Any badminton racket or fly swatters will do. You may even use a rolled up newspaper or pool noodle. Inflated balloons…

Activities Categories

Arm strengthGross motor skills (big movements)Hand-eye coordinationSocial interactionGroup

Balloon Volleyball

Equipment needed Balloons – you may also use shuttlecocks, small balls, or any light objects that’s heavy enough to cross the net. String…

Activities Categories

Arm strengthGross motor skills (big movements)Hand-eye coordinationMen's interestSocial interactionGroupOne-to-one

Batik paper weaving

Print out the PDF attached. We've included different sets of designs that you can choose from. Choose a set of batik paper weave design to…

Activities Categories

Hand-eye coordinationIndividualFine motor skillsEngagingEarly ParkinsonsEarly - moderate DementiaGroupOne-to-oneSocial interaction

Blanket/scarf fanning

Skills: Strength, cardio, coordination Materials: • Blanket or towel or scarf Instructions: • Instruct your senior to hold cloth along an…

Activities Categories

Arm strengthHand-eye coordinationCardioSeated

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